Dear Parent,

When my wife Stacy and I brought our newborn son home from the hospital, our daughter, just two years old, was confused about breastfeeding. We wished we had a relevant children’s book to teach her about this new experience, but we couldn’t find one on the topic. The following lessons in this book are from our experiences and we hope that you will benefit from the story:

  • Children are naturally curious and will question what Mommy is doing while breastfeeding. This is a new situation for your child who may not have seen other babies being breastfed, and most likely does not remember being fed this way;
  • It is helpful for children to play quietly during nursing time. Nursing is a very important bonding time for you and your baby. Distractions from a noisy child not only interrupt that time, but may affect the baby’s feeding pattern;
  • It is really important to reassure the child that even though the baby requires a lot of attention, there are still many ways they will have special time with both Mom and Dad;
  • One of the best tips of the book is what we call Feeding Time Toys™. We discovered by putting some current and new toys in a box, and only allowing our daughter to use them during feeding time, made them exciting. It worked miracles, just as it does in the story.

The story uses the words “breast” and “booby” because those are the words we used with our daughter. Since your child can’t read, you can easily substitute any word referring to “breast” as you see fit. After all, the more you adapt the story to your own situation, the better. If you have a very young child, you can simply use the pictures to tell the story in your own words. By sharing this story, you’ll be amazed how much your child will learn about your wonderful choice to breastfeed.

Congratulations on your new baby,
Mark Repkin


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