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“We’ve come a long way with appreciating the importance of breastfeeding, and parents want to know how to introduce these concepts to older siblings! Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother provides ideas that worked… .”

- Marian Tompson,
co-founder of La Leche League International


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ISBN: 978-0-9816538-0-8
Age Level: 2 – 6 years of age
Hard Cover, 24 pages
Price: $16.99

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Join Jenna on her Journey
Join Jenna on her journey to learn about nursing as she gets to know her new baby brother when he comes home from the hospital. She learns the importance of breast milk and ways to support a healthy nursing environment. In the end, Jenna loves her new baby brother, his nursing time, and continues to feel important in the family.

A must have for any family that is pregnant with another child and is planning to breastfeed. This book is a fun and exciting story to help prepare a small child for a nursing baby coming home from the hospital. Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother is a charming tale that educates and entertains at the same time.


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